The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs (translated as “Chain of Steakhouses”) is the oldest gastronomic association in the world. King Louis IX founded it in 1248.

Legend has it that the king was so afraid of being poisoned, that the brotherhood of the Rôtisseurs, which means “steakhouses” in Spanish, was created by his friends to taste the dishes and wines in the presence of the king, before he eats. This brotherhood of Rôtisseurs, being aware that at any time they could be poisoned, decided to enjoy the best that France offered them, the best food, wines and the best services. Therefore, it is there where the art of gastronomy was born. The name has a lot to do with that the meats were then the main plate of the table.

Gastronomy and the way of doing things in the kitchen has changed a lot since then, but the philosophy remains the same, to value the things of eating. And of drinking. Currently, Chaîne Des Rôtisseurs has a presence in 80 countries and around 25,000 members.