Xavier Lahuerta choose to look above the stoves and what he saw was the world full of possibilities. He looked life in the eye and choose not to close himself when an opportunity arrives, not to say no. Xavier Lahuerta’s story revolves around the idea of a young man who wants to grow, who works towards that goal around an idea and to use it to open himself up to the world just by following his instinct. It’s the story of a child who fall in love with the kitchen by seeing his grandmother make wonder in it, moments like that showed him the power of authenticity and its role in achieving his dreams.

Xavier Lahuerta is a person who choose to open the door and start connecting with people that shared his vision of a world that is all connected, a world that can be better.

Dinners, events, cooking shows, personal and corporate brand development, are experiences that made Xavier Lahuerta a person who, without losing sight from where he started, has advanced towards a new dimension in which his free soul guides him on a no stopping path for pre-established conceptions.

Xavier Lahuerta has made his dream come true and wants to show that experience to more people so they can fall in love the same way that he did. Xavier Lahuerta, The Gastronomy Ambassador.


We can’t understand who Xavier Lahuerta is without starting with his career in the kitchen. Learning since childhood what the passion for food means, feeling it, decides at 16 to devote himself to cooking.

His life since then is a transit through one of the best establishments of Catalan cuisine, where he is perfecting his taste for the authentic product, the recovery of the flavors in exotic food, but also for the update of those same recipes to a contemporary sensitivity and the influence of other cultures.

Thus, his career in the kitchen has led him to scenarios as recognized as the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Barcelona or to carry out the return of El Cercle, restaurant of the Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, among others, as well as work alongside characters renowned as Santi Santamaría or Carles Gaig.


Xavier Lahuerta is a person who likes to leave his comfort zone. His career is characterized by his desire to search, to launch projects that pose a challenge. Projects that come true, that come to life, that arise from the illusion of taking their desire to open the field to experience.

But without losing sight of the balance and viability. His entrepreneurial spirit does not stop. He always has in mind new ways of bringing people together through projects that unite and move forward.


The prestige of Xavier Lahuerta makes his figure chosen to represent some of the best products of our table, representing Spain and its cuisine in international events and giving its seal of quality to everything that is authentic and that is good about our gastronomy

As a deep connoisseur of Catalan cuisine, his know-how and the international dimension that his figure has reached make him a special supporter of the products that our land produce.


Xavier Lahuerta is above all a person with a special ability to establish relationships. A person capable of connecting projects and people who are capable, together, of launching other projects.

He likes to define himself as a catalyst for projects. A person who has a special vision to find special people, a vision that has led him to become passionate about a way of understanding life and business, based on the enhancement of the characteristics and make it is something positive.

A skill with which he has discovered a certain possibility of valuing all his experience, his knowledge and his desire to do things together.