A chef 2.0
I met Xavier Lahuerta in 2017 at the Reial Cercle Artístic in Barcelona, and his way of managing the kitchen of his restaurant already indicated that he was a person who took care of all the details so that the clients felt at home. His leap towards his own vital project did nothing but confirm what I saw in him, a Gastronomy Ambassador of our country with international projection and business character, to share how excellent networker he is, each and every one of the possible projects that reaffirm the leadership in the gastronomy of Spain in the world...
Israel Romero
CEO & Founder of ROMERO
Extraordinary staging
I am German and in my country all the details are taken care of at the maximum level, and especially if we are talking about high-level people, such as my clients. Xavier Lahuerta is my gastronomic reference in all of my receptions, and my international guests value the creation of the different menus tailored to their dishes, as the highest quality of their raw material. A perfect symbiosis is created between the creations of Xavier Lahuerta and the needs of my clients, and therefore, I can only recommend it to those who value the maximum sensitivity and gastronomic attention to enjoy with his company.
Ruediger Benedikt
Ruediger Benedikt Artist and Interior Designer